Most Valuable Player Awards (MVP Awards)

Most Valuable Player(MVP) Awards were initiated in 2011, to encourage and motivate the team players in becoming a better version of themselves. These awards are given every year to the most consistent performer in each department.

2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016

Year Award Name Runwee
2011 Most Valuable Player Karthikeyan V (KK)
Best Batsman Karthikeyan V (KK)
Best Bowler Praveen
Best Fielder Balaji S
Newcomer of the Year Ram
2012 Most Valuable Player Jayaponbalan (JP)
Best Batsman Jayaponbalan (JP)
Best Bowler Sankar Anand (Shanky)
Best Fielder Rajaguru
Newcomer of the year Bhupesh
Wicketkeeper of the year Pradyot
2013 Most Valuable Player Jayaponbalan (JP)
Best Batsman Ram
Best Bowler Rakesh
Best Fielder Dinesh Devraj (DD) & Rajaguru
2014 Most Valuable Player Srihari
Best Batsman Rajaguru
Best Bowler Srihari
Wicketkeeper of the year Sriram Parthasarathy
2015 Most Valuable Player Rakesh
Best Batsman Shanmugavel (Shan)
Best Bowler Rakesh
Wicketkeeper of the year Srishankar
2016 Most Valuable Player Bupesh
Best Batsman Bupesh
Best Bowler Moraji
Best Fielder Srihari
Special Award - Centurion Bupesh
Special Award - Best Five Wicket Haul Moraji