About Runwees

RnW History:

Over the years the club has undergone several transformations; a lot of players have graced the club, some fleetingly, most enduringly – but the ethos of the club has never changed. Camaraderie and passion for cricket is what brought everyone together and is will continue to bind us together for many years to come.

The club has its origins in 2007. On an average, the club competes in 2-3 tournaments every year.

The early years were characterized by an Annual Double Wicket Tournament – this made for interesting scorelines and unlikely combinations. The fun lasted until 2011 when the club became too big for its boots and split into two teams - Pumas and Jaguars in order to accommodate 40+ cricket crazy individuals who were dying to get out there every Sunday; it was the dawn of a healthy new rivalry. This also led to an Annual ‘Wildcat Series’ – 5 matches played with great competitive and sporting spirit.

The club went through another transitional phase in 2015 due to dwindling numbers and player flux and the two teams fused into a single entity. Currently, there are over 25 active members in the squad – you can learn more about them in the Runwees Squad section. There has been a recent spurt in new players and the future of the club looks bright.

We are constantly looking for players who are passionate about sports – interested? Drop in an email about yourself and what drives you towards Cricket to join@runsnwickets.com and we will get in touch with you.